February 03, 2020

Look Ma, I'm on the Internet!

The Topical  -  a daily podcast from The Onion and Onion Public Radio

‘Well, I Could Do That’ Says Art Museum Attendee Viewing Security Guard On Lunch Break - 1/22/2020

The Onion homepage with an article about a museum guard eating a sandwich.

New Employee Confused By Office Espresso Machine Just Returns To Desk With Mug Of Hot Water - 5/24/2019

An article about a man confused by an expresso machine.

Quick Scan Of Room Confirms Area Man Once Again Sweatiest Person Present - 11/09/2017

The Onion homepage with an article about a sweaty office worker.

Breaking: 9 Sneezes In A Fucking Row - 11/09/2017

Video I'm in for ½ a second.

A looping image of confused office worker.
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