July 09, 2018

Amazon is Worth $800 Billion & Apparently I Have to Write Their Documentation

This post covers how to define/interact with Amazon Native Shopping Ads in a programmatic manner and assumes you already have a basic understanding of what they are and how they work.

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Background & the problem at hand…

Amazon Native Shopping Ads can be controlled by setting specific values on the global scope prior to loading the onejs script which is responsible for creating the ad. You can see this when using the “Create Custom Ads” tool. If you play around with some of the advance settings, you’ll notice that providing different parameters changes how the ad looks & behaves.

One of these ads had been implemented previously and I was now tasked with getting it to look & behave a particular way. The pattern the widget used of setting certain values prior to loading seemed straight forward enough, so I set to work. First, I tried looking for documentation around what parameters could actually be set and what they do. As far as I can tell, that information doesn’t exist publicly and the info that is available is basically just forum users throwing things against the wall and seeing what sticks.

My next thought was to unminifiying the one.js that is actually responsible for constructing the ad and pulling out all of the values that it looks for.

Many of the naming conventions they use rely on a lot of acronyms and/or are generic enough that they don’t give good enough context clues as to what they actually do, but it did provide me with a list of 137 values to start to play around with. This let me start to control some fairly rudimentary thing like:

amzn_assoc_widget_padding = "12";
amzn_assoc_text_style = "font-size: 17px;font-weight: normal;";

Having been working at peak efficiency with our counterparts at Amazon up to this point while trying to implement this ad unit, I specifically asked if they had any documentation around those 137 values that they could share. Eventually we received…

The Official Parameters for Native Shopping Ads

The tables below cover all the possible ad code parameters used for Native Shopping Ads. This information was provided by an Amazon Account Manager & PM that my team was working with to implement these sorts of ads.

Parameter Name Sample Value(s) Description
amzn_assoc_ad_type "smart" Required. Ad type of smart is used for NSA.
amzn_assoc_region "US" Required. Region - currently only US.
amzn_assoc_marketplace "amazon" Required. Currently only amazon.
amzn_assoc_linkid "4e5a800706eeb232402189e87baaff82" Required. Link id is unique every time ad code is generated from AC.
amzn_assoc_placement "adunit0" Not used currently, but is a required field. This free form text field could be a useful attribute for optimization of ad selection and ranking.”
amzn_assoc_tracking_id refaiz-20" Required. Tracking ID of the associate - used for tagging Amazon retail session of the customer with the publisher who referred.”
amzn_assoc_debug true Enable debug mode.
amzn_assoc_aax_src_id 308 Force to a particular AAX source id like 308 or 330. Used in production for certain head publishers like CNET, where we might not want certain bidders to bid.
amzn_assoc_title "Shop Related Products Title of the ad unit. Note that this might not be available for certain design types (Card format). By default Strip format does not have a title as it is intended for in content placement.
amzn_assoc_header_style "font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold;" Customize CSS style of the header (title).
amzn_assoc_link_style "font-size: 15px !important; color: #373737; line-height: 18px;" Customize CSS style of the product titles.
amzn_assoc_link_hover_style "text-decoration: underline;" Customize CSS hover style of the product titles.
amzn_assoc_text_style "font-size: 17px;font-weight: normal;" Customize CSS style of Price.
amzn_assoc_ad_mode "auto" - Recommendation Ads
"search" - Search Ads
"manual" - Custom Ads
Required. Specify type of NSA.
amzn_assoc_asins "B075D4SL1T,B01NBTSVDN,B01MT5EV2B" Required for Custom Ads to specify ASINs to render.
amzn_assoc_random_permute "true" Used for shuffling order or ASINs provided for Custom ads.
amzn_assoc_render_full_page "true" Enabling this parameter will cause the ad markup to contain a full HTML page - including the <html> <body> tags, meant to be rendered inside an iFrame.
amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase "Harry Potter" Required for Search Ads.
amzn_assoc_default_category "All"
Required for Search Ads to restrict search results to specific category.
amzn_assoc_fallback_mode {"type": "search","value": "Harry Potter"} Fallback search keywords used for Auto ads to show in case there are no recommendations for the page.
amzn_assoc_url "http://groomandstyle.com/top-5-best-home-teeth-whitening-kit- reviews/" Load recommendations as if the ad is loading from specified URL.
These 2 params are used together to force a particular experiment.
amzn_assoc_design "" - (not specified) Default. We serve Grid format by default, but it could be replaced by card format in special cases (only one recommendation).
"standard_grid" - Force Grid format.
"enhanced_links" - Card format.
"text_links" - List format.
"in_content" - Strip format.
Used to specify NSA variant.

Grid Format

Parameters specific to the Grid format.

Parameter Name Sample Value(s) Description
amzn_assoc_width "200" Restrict the width of the ad unit (in pixels). Number of cards rendered depends on this width. AC restricts this input between 130-600.
amzn_assoc_height "700" Height restriction - this value is used only to decide the number of rows displayed and does not control the height of the cards! AC restricts this input between 400-2000.
amzn_assoc_size "autox700" A combination of the above parameters. Provided as widthxheight.
amzn_assoc_search_bar "true" Enable/disable the search bar.
amzn_assoc_search_bar_position "bottom", "top" Position of the search bar.
amzn_assoc_disable_borders "true" Enable/disable borders around the NSA cards. Default value for this parameter is “false” for Recommendation ads and “true” for Search and Custom ad formats.
amzn_assoc_attributes "false" Enable/disable attributes like pricing, prime, star rating etc. If disabled, only title and image of the products will be shown.
amzn_assoc_carousel "true" Enable/disable carousel. Enough ASINs should be available for the carousel to show up.
amzn_assoc_feedback_enable "true", “false” Enable/disable Ad Feedback feature. Is true by default for Recommendation ads.
amzn_assoc_rows "1" Number of rows to be shown. Max value possible: 5
amzn_assoc_max_ads_in_a_row "4" Max number of cards to be shown per row. Default value is 4. Max value possible: 5
amzn_assoc_list_price "false" Show/hide strike out price.
amzn_assoc_prime "false" Show/hide Prime logo for Prime eligible ASINs.
amzn_assoc_prime_position "inline_price", "bottom" Customize position of the prime logo. By default is “inline_price”. “bottom” will push the prime logo to the bottom of the card in a new row.
amzn_assoc_widget_padding "13" Padding around the ad unit. Default is 0.
amzn_assoc_strike_text_style "display: inline-block;font- size: 13px;color: #9B9B9B;" Customize CSS style of strikeout price.
amzn_assoc_brand_text_link "false" By default, “Ads by Amazon” links to homepage of NSA in the affiliate portal. Setting this param to “false” will remove this link.
amzn_assoc_brand_position "top", "bottom" Position of “Ads by Amazon”. By default is “bottom”.
amzn_assoc_large_rating "true" Makes the star ratings larger in size.
amzn_assoc_rating_position "above_price", "below_price" Position of the star rating. By default, is “below_price”.
amzn_assoc_max_title_height "55" Maximum height of the product titles container. Default value is 47.

Strip Format

Parameters specific to the Grid format.

Parameter Name Sample Value(s) Description
amzn_assoc_enable_swipe_on_mobile "false" Enable/disable carousel swipe mode on mobile. By default is “true”.

Closing thoughts

If you’re going provide a technical service that will explicitly generate revenue for you, perhaps it might be a good idea to provide some public facing documentation.

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